Everything You Need to Know About Buying Cool Story Co. Bottles as Corporate Gifts

Everything You Need to Know About Buying Cool Story Co. Bottles as Corporate Gifts

Looking for a very *cool* gift?

Whether it's for your clients, an event you are organising or even your employees (it’s been a hard year) a Cool Story Co. bottle will certainly make an impact. 

Not only are they wonderfully unique, but each one also comes in a branded and colour coordinated cylindrical gift box. They are truly the kind of gift that will WOW. 

In this blog, we’re looking at everything you need to know about gifting Cool Story Co. bottles. 

Ps. this blog does not relate to wholesale orders (for resale). If you wish to discuss that then please email us at hello@coolstoryco.com and we'll be happy to discuss that. 

Can I put in a corporate order for Cool Story Co bottles?

Well, of course, that’s why you are here, isn’t it?🤷 

You can order individual Cool Story Co. bottles on our website if you are looking to treat yourself or someone else.

However, we also offer bulk orders for corporate gifting. 

So, if you're looking to treat your employees, let you clients know how special they are, or offer a unique event gift then this might be the perfect option.  

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Are the Cool Story Co. bottles suitable for people who don't drink alcohol?

The Cool Story Co. is the PERFECT gift for wine drinkers as it holds a FULL bottle of wine and holds it at the right temperature for up to 24 hours. 

However if you're worried that not everyone you are gifting the bottles to is an alcohol drinker then don't worry.

Our Cool Story Co. bottles hold ANY liquid cold for 24 hours, and hot for up to 12 hours. So it's great for wine (or mulled wine), as well as water, tea and coffee too. 


Is there a minimum number for Corporate orders?

Yes, we have a minimum order of 25 bottles for our corporate orders. You can choose any combination of colours for this order. 

If you are just looking for a few bottles then the best way to order is via our shop. 


Can we have our own branding on the bottle?

It's totally up to you how you want them to look 🤷

You might just want to order a pretty *cool* gift and we fit the bill. You don't have to get any additional branding on your bottles. 

However, if you'd like to make them a little more personal then we are able to engrave your company logo onto the bottle. We can discuss placement of this when you place the order, as there are multiple possibilities. 

If you don’t fancy your own branding on the bottle, but you still want some personalisation, then you can have initials engraved (onto the bottle or the lid).


Please note that if you choose to have the bottles branded with your logo then they will be co-branded. All the bottles and packaging we have already have the Cool Story Co. logo branding on them which cannot be removed, but we can add yours as well. 


What format does my logo have to be in?

We need your logo in a high-res format, preferable in a vector file so that the logo size can be altered without pixelation so that it can be engraved onto the bottle.

If you are not able to provide an appropriate file we can set this up for a one-off fee of £75.


Can we choose our own bottle colour?

We totally understand that you might be looking for a specific colour to match your brand. 

Creating custom Cool Story Co. bottle colours is not usually something that we can do, however we can discuss it if it's something you really want. 

Why do we not usually offer this? 

It's not quite as simple as asking our suppliers for a specific colour and having it made. For each new colour we have to go through a sampling process (which is often multiple rounds), before approving, manufacturing and shipping. This process can take up to 6 months in total. 

If you are interested in a custom colour then you'll have to put a minimum order of 300 bottles (at a higher cost due to the work involved), and you may have to wait up to 6 months for the finished order.

If this doesn't suit you then you’re welcome to choose from the colours that we have available. 

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How much does it cost to order Cool Story Co. bottles as Corporate Gifts?

As the minimum is 25, we do offer discounted pricing on bulk orders. 

The cost of corporate orders are as follows (please note, these prices are exclusive of shipping and engraving).

25 - 49 bottles = £28/bottle (20% discount)
50-75 bottles = £26/bottle (26% discount)
76 - 100 bottles = £24/bottle (31% discount)
If you are looking for more than 100 bottles then please get in touch with us for prices. 

If you would like your logo or initials engraved onto the bottle then pricing for this starts at 

25 - 99 bottles = £8
100+ bottles = £7

Depending on the complexity of the engraving it can be more expensive.

Shipping is charged in addition to these prices. If you are in Glasgow or the surrounding area then we'll drop them off free of charge. However if you are anywhere else in the UK then shipping will be charged at £17 per box (each box holds 25 bottles).

If you just fancy ordering one (or a few bottles) then you can order via our shop and the cost will be £35 + delivery. 

Please note that we are not VAT registered.

How do I pay for my Cool Story Co. bottles?

We’ll send you an invoice direct, and we’ll need this paid before we send the bottles off for engraving if you are having that done (as we really can't resell bottles with your logo on them if you change your mind).

If you aren’t having engraving the bottles then the invoice will need to be paid before shipping. 

What is the lead time on Corporate orders?

Assuming we have the stock then it can be a pretty quick turnaround. 

If you want a bulk order with no engraving, then we are able to send out available stock within the week to UK locations. 

If you are getting the bottles engraved, then it will take a little longer. After you've sent the logo, proofed the layout and paid we can have the bottles ready within approximately 2 weeks. 

Does my business have to be in the UK?

At the moment we are only offering shipping within the UK due to costs.

However, if you would love some Cool Story Co. bottles and are out with the UK then please get in touch and we would be happy to quote you on shipping 

How Do I Order Cool Story Co. Bottles?

If you are ready to order, or if you have any questions then send an email to hello@coolstoryco.com