The Cool Story

In the Cool Story Co. universe, warm wine is a thing of the past. Our insulated wine bottle means you can enjoy a cool, crisp glass of wine al fresco and on-the-go. 

 Whether it’s wild camping, festivals, boujee picnics or just a little tipple in the garden with some friends, your Cool Story Co. bottle can join you on adventures both big and small.
🍷 Holds an entire bottle of wine...
❄️ 24hrs cold + 🔥 12 hours hot
💧 No spills

About The Cool Story Co. Team

The Cool Story Co. founders met 26 years ago when Sam was born. 

We launched Cool Story Co. during a national lockdown from opposite ends of the UK (Debbie is in Glasgow while Samantha is in London) via whatsapp, zoom and some very long voice notes. 

We can't wait to see what adventures you take your bottle on, and the memories that you make.