Why you need to invest in reusable bottle

Why you need to invest in a reusable bottle...

Can I tell you a secret? I have a near-on panic attack if I ever find myself without my reusable bottle on hand. 

What if I get thirsty?

How will I stay hydrated?

In years gone by I would have used a single-use bottle, and I won't like sometimes it's still a necessity. However, these days I'm a keen convert of the reusable bottle - so much so that I created a business around it. 

While our bottles hold a full bottle of wine (750ml), they are also great for keeping other drinks cold (for 24 hours) or hot (for 12 hours).

We LOVE seeing people fill them with water to stay hydrated at their desk, in the gym or on the go. 

So, why would you invest in a reusable bottle rather than just buying a single-use when you need it? 

In this blog, we'll look at why everyone should have a reusable bottle?


1. Reduces plastic waste...

Did you know that the average UK household uses 480 plastic bottles a year, but only recycles 270 of them ? That's billions of bottles that end up in landfill, or in oceans where they seep chemicals and micro plastics into the soil and water harming plants and wildlife. 

If just one in ten people in the UK refilled a bottle once a week, then there would be 340 million less plastic bottles in circulation EVERY YEAR!

This is probably the main reason that most people opt for a reusable over single-use bottle.

Buying a reusable bottle, that lasts many years is better for the planet, and will help to reduce the waste that your home produces. 


2. Reduce plastic toxins...

Plastic water bottles can leech toxic chemicals into your drink, especially if they become old or damaged (which is why you should never reuse a single use bottle). Chemicals such as BPA, have been linked with many health issues such as hormone imbalance and metabolic disease. 

Even if your bottle doesn't contain BPA, then you should ensure that it won't leech microplastics into your liquid. This is why bottles made of a more durable material such as stainless steel may be a better option. 

Our bottles are BPA free and made from 304 18/8 food-grade stainless steel so they are safe to use over and over again, for years to come. 

Bottom of the bottle reads: Let the good times flow


3. Save yourself some money 

This one might seem a littler counterintuitive. After all, spending £30+ on a reusable water might seem like the more expensive option. But a couple of pounds every day (or every other day) will really add up, and can cost you a lot of money. 

Having your own reusable bottle means that you can refill at home, and fill it with whatever you fancy. After the initial upfront cost its a much more cost-effective option.


4. Reusable bottles are cleaner...

Reusable bottles are usually made of much more durable materials than single-use, such as stainless steel or ceramic. This means that you can properly wash them using hot water, and washing up liquid.

It's important that you regularly wash any bottle that you are using, as unwashed bottles can have literally millions of harmful bacteria on them.


5. Stay hydrated...

Do you struggle to drink water throughout the day?

We all know it's important to stay hydrated throughout the day, however it can be hard to remember it alongside everything else. 

Having a reusable bottle on hand can help you track the water (or other liquid) that you are drinking, and make sure you are reaching your daily quote. 


6. Make a fashion statement...

Plain plastic...no thanks. We can do better than that. 

Let's face it, a reusable bottles can be much more beautiful than a single-use plastic bottle.

They come in loads of different shapes, styles, colours and patterns and you can choose one that portrays your personality. 


Ready to buy your very own reusable bottle?

Got you convinced?

Our 750ml insulated bottles are as versatile as they are beautiful and will keep your drinks cold for 24 hours, and hot for 12 hours. 

You can fill them up with a full bottle of wine (or mulled wine). Or if it's daytime and you can't justify wine yet, then water, tea, coffee or hot chocolate are also perfect for your bottle too. 

Buy your Cool Story Co. bottle here.